Roland blækpatroner

Vi fører ECO SOL MAX INK solvent blækpatroner for Roland

BN-20, SP-300i, SP540i, VS300i, VS540i, VS640i, EJ640 og XR-640.
Vi fører UV blækpatroner for Roland Versa UV series LEC-300, LEC2-300, LEC-330, LEC-540, LEJ-640, LEF-12, LEF-12i, LEF-200, LEF-300, LEF2-200 og LEF2-300.

TrueVIS TR2 Ink Pouch series, 500cc

TrueVIS TR2 Ink Pouch series, 500cc

FlexFire Printhead Precision


TR2 ink combines with TrueVIS VG2 printer/cutters and FlexFire™ print heads to give you ultra-precise results. Every drop of ink falls exactly where it’s intended, delivering beautiful images and uniform colors, even in high speed modes.

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